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Lesson 83: First Confession Capstone Lesson for Adults


The First Confession Capstone Lesson was written by Fr. James Zatalava, the founder of If you are studying for your First Confession, this is the ideal lesson for you. This lesson is intended for adults and young adults.

In this course, you will learn:

  1. The necessity of Confession for the forgiveness of sins in God's plan of salvation
  2. The essential elements required for a valid Confession
  3. The horror of what sin is and why we need forgiveness
  4. The how-to process for making your confession
  5. The benefits of living a life of grace with frequent confession

This course is often paired with catechism training in order to earn a certificate for Confession Preparation. To those who meet the requirements as outlined in the "Course Calculator" on our website, this lesson can earn a Certificate in First Confession Preparation.

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