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Marriage Preparation: Marriage in the Heart and Mind of the Church





The Marriage Preparation Program is meant to serve as both a preparation for those looking to receive marriage as well as those looking to better understand the sacramental reality of Holy Matrimony. The course draws upon the writings of the Popes, the Catechism, the Scriptures, and the book "Marriage in the Heart and Mind of the Church" by Preston E. Wiggins. It is recommended to spend 2 — 3 hours studying the material before attempting the quiz at the end of this course.

Some dioceses in the United States require couples to undergo courses for marriage preparation. is proud to present a highly affordable course designed for use by the parishes as a catechetical text or by the couple as a stand-alone preparation aid.

PRE-CANA PREPARATION ONLINE's Marriage Preparation Course on the Theology of Marriage in light of the Rite of Matrimony, while an insightful and beneficial course, is not in itself a complete Pre-Cana Preparation Program.

Many Dioceses will require a couple to take part in an official recognized Pre-Cana Program to earn a certificate in Marriage Preparation. If you are looking for one, please check the following organization. They do offer complete Pre-Cana programs online: -

Please visit the link above to explore this approved online Pre-Cana Program. For all of your other Sacramental Preparation and Catholic courses, please visit the Courses Page.